How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica?

How to Plan a Trip to AntarcticaAre you looking for an expert advice on how to plan a trip to Antarctica? Do you want to know the means you should use for your particular purpose of visit, interest, and personal interest? You are in the right place. To start with, the means of travel at your disposal are either plane or ship/boat. Depending on your interests and goal one of the two means suit you most. You also need to factor in your skills, financial strength and whether you are visiting your once-in-a-lifetime trip alone or in a company of your loved ones.

When Is The Best Time to Travel?

The best time to visit The Antarctic season extends from November all the way to February. If you have to travel outside the season, you simply cannot make your trip by boat. The reason is weather change widely, the ice melt while wildlife is at various stages of reproduction. Schedule your trip at the start of the season since the conditions around this time are colder while ice progressively breaks up adding thrill to your adventure. While the wildlife, in general, may be somewhat less plentiful, you won’t miss seeing penguins building nests and even mating. Cruising later in the season is less crowded, but there is a high chance that you will find more wildlife have already headed out to the sea

What Options Are Available?

1. Traveling by Air

How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica

Do you have a little time? If that is the case, or maybe you simply don’t fancy gazing at Antarctica, traveling by air is ideal for you. There are flights to and from the continent that visit Antarctica for a day or two. You may also opt to travel by air and, on arriving; switch to a ship takes travelers on a traditional cruise. When you are done with your trip, all you have to do is disembark from the ship, catch a flight and fly back. Additionally, some airlines offer day-long over-flights aboard specially designed aircraft that allow you to see the continent from high above.

2. Travelling by sea

How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica

Your next alternative is to cruise ship to Antarctica. Ships mostly leave heading there mostly leave from Chile, Punta Arena, across the passage taking you to the peninsula. This prevalent option is more thrilling but requires enough time. The most attractive aspect is the fact your meals, accommodation, and transportation can be combined into a well-ordered package. Apart from this arrangement optimizing your stay in your dream destination, it ensures that no infrastructure is built on Antarctica’s fragile environment. You will, nonetheless, be able to visit many sites as opposed to staying in a single place.


In addition to the above guidelines on how to Plan a Trip to Antarctica, you also have the option of planning your own expedition. While it may be the most exciting options travel to the far south, it is numerically most expensive, requires extensive research, reading widely about how other dealt with common challenges and possibly raising funds. So, the above expert guide on how to contract the services, means of travel available (and suitability of each) are guaranteed to give you an enjoyable trip to Antarctic.