Most Visiting Museums of Iceland

10 Most Visiting Museums of Iceland

Iceland is home to some of the highly frequented museums in Europe. The Scandinavian country boasts all categories of museums, from fine arts and archeology to cultural history and numismatics. Most of the museums are located in the capital- Reykjavik, but the other regions have a fair share of these art galleries and history depositories. Read on to learn about the 10 most visiting museums of Iceland.

1. National Museum of Iceland

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandEstablished in 1863, the National Museum of Iceland showcases over 2000 artifacts and attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. It is located in Reykjavik (ƥjo minjasafn Islands), next to the University of Iceland and its offerings are contained in a large, 3-storey building. Some of the things it displays include: art & crafts, tools & furniture, archeological remains and religious artifacts. The most striking feature of the museum is a bronze statue rumored to be of Thor or Christ.

2. Settlement Exhibition

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandThe Settlement Exhibition is quite different from other Icelandic museums. It uses a state-of-the-art multimedia to exhibit its vast collection of artifacts. It has been the best place to learn about the Viking age and the country’s early human settlement. The depository is found in downtown Reykjavik and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year.

3. Icelandic Phallological Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandAlso known as the Penis Museum, the Icelandic Phallological Museum displays penises of almost all land and sea mammals. It has been a museum of choice for both tourists and research scientists. It is located in Redursafnio, Reykjavik and gets thousands of visitors annually.

4. Arbær Open Air Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in Arbæjarsafn, Reykjavik, Arbær Museum is a recreated Icelandic village consisting of a farm and 20 buildings. It provides a detailed history of Icelanders before and after industrialization. Since its refurbishment in the mid 1900, the museum has been receiving a good amount of visitors.

5. National Center for Culture Heritage

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandPopularly known as the Culture House, this museum teaches visitors the traditional and modern culture of Icelanders. It showcases old manuscripts and other important literature materials. It has several reading rooms, a concert & conference hall and a coffee shop. It was opened in 1909 and gets hundreds of visitors daily.

6. Vikin Maritime Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in the Reykjavik Harbour, Safni  vi  sj inn, the Vikin Maritime Museum tells the story of the country’s maritime history and the Reykjavik Harbour. It showcases rowing boats, traditional sea vessels, modern trawlers and trading routes. It attracts a fair share of the country’s tourists.

7. Einar Jonsson Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandThe Reykjavik-based museum features the amazing work of Einar Jonsson who was a revered sculptor. The work is spiced up with classical traditional and mythology folklore. It includes some emotional & spiritual resonance and forms of virtuosic command of human & beasts. It gets at least a hundred visitors every day.

8. Harbor House Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLike Einar Jonsson Museum, the Harbor House Museum features the work of a prominent Icelandic artist. The art museum includes a warehouse that showcases the work of the artist which is mainly cartoon-styled montages. Concerning the number of visitors, the museum gets thousands of people annually.

9. Skogar Folk Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in Skogasafn, the Skogar Folk Museum is the best depository for folk enthusiasts. It has an enormous collection of artifacts, ranging from fishing boats and carved headboards to traditional music instruments and makeshift mousetraps. It is visited by thousands of folk lovers annually.

10. Husavik Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandAs the name suggests, this folk museum is located in Husavik. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the region and displays a fascinating range of artifacts, from human hair necklaces and stuffed polar bear. Thousands of visitors flock the museum to get a glimpse of the artifacts.