7 Most Romantic Destinations For Honeymoon

At that time when you want to celebrate or rekindle the love, a suitable destination favors the moments. Many aspects define a romantic destination including the serenity and the services offered in the respective hotels. Romance covers all aspects including food, buildings and activities in the destination. Although all the services come at some cost, it is worth for a person you treasure. From a global scale, here are the 7 Most Romantic Destinations For Honeymoon:

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonThe destination enjoys the presidential touch it got from John Kennedy. The destination enjoys an ancient like palace with pools for the lovers. Due to the high temperatures of this Mexican region, the waters are warm enough to maintain that romantic warmth that you need. The Pichilingue beach is one where you can play all forms of games.

Venice City in Italy

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonThis ancient city has unique and variable features to maintain that romance between both of you. From the winding canals to the ancient bridges, the atmosphere in this region dictates love and romance. The Piazza San Marco, Sigh and Rialto Bridges are among the areas where you can take a walk as you enjoy the breathtaking environs. The area enjoys most of the world’s romantic hotels.

Kyoto Destinations in Japan

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonThis is among the most popular of the 7 most romantic destinations for honeymoon, especially due to the cherry trees. The combination of the blossom colors and the green valley’s is one that will induce romance between both of you. The religious environment is another aspect due to the ancient temples and the hills surrounding this destination.

The Taj Mahal in India

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonWith the initial romantic environment still intact, Taj Mahal is an experience of true love, thanks to its founder, Jahan Shahan. The architecture and designs will show how much you can do for your lover. Although the monument of love is ancient, it still shines in love. The destination enjoys a very silent environment, which attracts that romantic feeling.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonRomantic moments come from doing something beyond the ordinary and a glacier environment will suit such a moment. Due to the snowy atmosphere, all snow-types games are available, with trainers to keep your honeymoon trending. The night fire to keep away the cold is something both of you will enjoy as you do everything to keep warm.

San Sebastian in Spain

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonAmong the most romantic countries for honeymoon, is Spain. And among the most romantic destinations, is San Sebastian, thanks to the unique beaches and sunset experiences. From sun bathing to the cuisine, the destination favors coupling. The hotels provide romantic dishes (Arzak) and events, with sunset viewing from most of the hotels. You can also take boat rides to the silent of waters and experience the romance of the waters.

Paris City in France

Most Romantic Destinations For HoneymoonThe city offers many gateways for the lovebirds including nature and romantic restaurants specific for honeymoon purposes. Eiffel tower, Seine River and Palais-Royal are among the destinations to visit in this love city. Most cruises offer sunset views during summer to spice up the romantic expedition in the city.

Wrap Up

The above 7 Most Romantic Destinations For Honeymoon are fantastic places where you can rekindle that love spark, in your relationship.

Interesting Facts to Know About Golden Circle In Iceland


Interesting Facts to Know About Golden Circle In IcelandThe Golden Circle is one of the most famous tourist hotspots in Iceland. It forms a unique and diverse landscape, which can be easily accessed from Reykjavik. It encompasses Icelandic geology and history, as Iceland’s natural beauty, all at once. The Golden Circle has three main attractions. They include the Gull Foss waterfall, The Geysir and the Þingvellir National Park. Here are the highlights of these unique tourist attractions.

Þingvellir National Park

Interesting Facts to Know About Golden Circle In IcelandThis national park is ranked as the most important historical site in Iceland. The first democratic parliament in the world was set up here in AD 930 and continued to be housed here, until 1798. Parliamentary meetings were mainly conducted outdoors and the stone foundations are still visible today.

The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. The prime minister of Iceland usually has a cottage in this historical site, as a national and cultural identity. Apart from the historical perspective, the park has interesting geographical features, which you can observe. The continental drift is another interesting feature about the Þingvellir National Park.

It is strategically located between North American and European tectonic plates. The rift is clearly visible as a vertical canyon known locally as Almannagjá. Scuba certified divers can head to the Silfra fissure, where you can be able to touch North America and Europe at the same time. Every year, these plates drift approximately 2 cm apart.


Interesting Facts to Know About Golden Circle In IcelandGullfoss is the most famous waterfall in Iceland, and a popular tourist destination. This spectacular double cascade drops around 32 m down a rocky ravine. The most epic thing about this waterfall is that you can get very close to it, especially during summer. However, during winter, you will just have to view it from a distance, for safety purposes.

When the sun is shining, the waterfall creates beautiful rainbows while it glitters with ice during winter. Due to the origins of the waterfall, the water appears brown to blue-gray. It is one of the most photographed places on earth. It is loud, big and definitely worth checking out. The editors over at the Iceland Travel Guide Iceland Buddy have put together a detailed list of things you need to bring and what to do once you visit Gullsfoss that is very helpfull as you need to prepare carefully before going.


Interesting Facts to Know About Golden Circle In IcelandAnother major tourist attraction at the Golden Circle is the Geysir. This is the original hot-water spout. All other geysers in the world are named after it, thus the name. visitors get the opportunity of seeing the geyser shoot hot springs of water for up to 30 m high, every 5 to 10 minutes.

It is believed that this geyser has been active for more than 800 meters. Initially, it could shoot water up to heights of 80 m, when the natural environment was still undisturbed. Currently, the active one is the Strokkur geyser. The Great Geysir has not been active for a few years. Every year, tourists visit the place to observe this natural phenomenon.


The Golden Circle has three main popular locations, all within a radius of 100km from the capital. This tourist circuit provides a great opportunity to see the point where continental plates meet, the roaring waterfall, the spouting hot spring and the ancient Icelandic Parliament. All three spots can be done within a single-day loop.

Most Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In Hotels

Most Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In HotelsThe most important part of the kitchen is the sink because that is where you spend most of your time preparing food or washing the dishes. In fact, the kitchen faucet is one of the most used items in any hotel.

Choosing a faucet that compliments your hotel is a good idea. Choose one that is modern, stylish, and functional. It should be durable as well. Here are 4 luxurious kitchen faucets that are used in hotels.

The Delta Faucet 4197 RB DST

Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In HotelsThis one comes in a clean and crisp Venetian Bronze finish making it ideal for hotels with a Victorian theme. The 4197 RB DST has a pullout system that is suitable for kitchens with limited space. More specifically, it conserves space because pullout faucets have a short spout.

Additionally, the 4197 RB DST meets the standards set by the US Disabilities Act, which makes it particularly useful for hotels that promote social values such as the rights of disabled people. Lastly, this faucet has touch-clean spray holes that make it easy for you to remove hard water that builds up occasionally.

The Kraus KPF-2620SS

Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In HotelsThe most impressive aspect of this faucet is that it has an all-metal body with a stainless steel finish. For this reason, the KPF-2620SS resists heat, chemical damage, and corrosion. It has a single-lever pull-down system making it ideal for hotels with deep sinks.

Additionally, the KPF-2620SS has easy to clean rubber nozzles that prevent the buildup of hard water in it. Moreover, this faucet comes with an aerator that promotes the gentle flow of water as you use it. It has a sleek futuristic design that is suitable for modern kitchens. Finally, mounting it is easy and you can do it yourself without any help.

The Moen 7594 ESRS

Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In HotelsThe most impressive aspect of this faucet is its motion sensor capabilities. You do not have to use your hands for you to trigger the flow of water from it. Instead, it offers hands-free convenience. It also has a pull-down system, which is ideal for most hotels because they tend to have deep sinks. Cleanliness in a hotel is critical so managers prefer this faucet because the finish it has resists spots includes fingerprints.

Additionally, it comes with a Dura-lock system that makes it easy to install. In fact, you can install it using one or three holes. Lastly, the 7594 ESRS has a secure docking system that clicks in the spray head with no extra effort.

The Kohler K 10433 VS

Luxurious Kitchen Faucets That Are Used In HotelsHotels with limited space and shallow sinks prefer it because it has a pullout system. Hotel managers also love it because it comes with a spray head that matches its color and design. The finish it has resists tarnish and corrosion making it highly durable.

It would be a great addition to your kitchen especially if you are going for a modern look with a touch of class. The designers of the K 10433 VS also took into account the fact that minerals may build up in it. Therefore, they designed a Master-Clean Spray-Face feature that resists the buildup of minerals in the faucet.

How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica?

How to Plan a Trip to AntarcticaAre you looking for an expert advice on how to plan a trip to Antarctica? Do you want to know the means you should use for your particular purpose of visit, interest, and personal interest? You are in the right place. To start with, the means of travel at your disposal are either plane or ship/boat. Depending on your interests and goal one of the two means suit you most. You also need to factor in your skills, financial strength and whether you are visiting your once-in-a-lifetime trip alone or in a company of your loved ones.

When Is The Best Time to Travel?

The best time to visit The Antarctic season extends from November all the way to February. If you have to travel outside the season, you simply cannot make your trip by boat. The reason is weather change widely, the ice melt while wildlife is at various stages of reproduction. Schedule your trip at the start of the season since the conditions around this time are colder while ice progressively breaks up adding thrill to your adventure. While the wildlife, in general, may be somewhat less plentiful, you won’t miss seeing penguins building nests and even mating. Cruising later in the season is less crowded, but there is a high chance that you will find more wildlife have already headed out to the sea

What Options Are Available?

1. Traveling by Air

How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica

Do you have a little time? If that is the case, or maybe you simply don’t fancy gazing at Antarctica, traveling by air is ideal for you. There are flights to and from the continent that visit Antarctica for a day or two. You may also opt to travel by air and, on arriving; switch to a ship takes travelers on a traditional cruise. When you are done with your trip, all you have to do is disembark from the ship, catch a flight and fly back. Additionally, some airlines offer day-long over-flights aboard specially designed aircraft that allow you to see the continent from high above.

2. Travelling by sea

How to Plan a Trip to Antarctica

Your next alternative is to cruise ship to Antarctica. Ships mostly leave heading there mostly leave from Chile, Punta Arena, across the passage taking you to the peninsula. This prevalent option is more thrilling but requires enough time. The most attractive aspect is the fact your meals, accommodation, and transportation can be combined into a well-ordered package. Apart from this arrangement optimizing your stay in your dream destination, it ensures that no infrastructure is built on Antarctica’s fragile environment. You will, nonetheless, be able to visit many sites as opposed to staying in a single place.


In addition to the above guidelines on how to Plan a Trip to Antarctica, you also have the option of planning your own expedition. While it may be the most exciting options travel to the far south, it is numerically most expensive, requires extensive research, reading widely about how other dealt with common challenges and possibly raising funds. So, the above expert guide on how to contract the services, means of travel available (and suitability of each) are guaranteed to give you an enjoyable trip to Antarctic.

10 Most Visiting Museums of Iceland

Iceland is home to some of the highly frequented museums in Europe. The Scandinavian country boasts all categories of museums, from fine arts and archeology to cultural history and numismatics. Most of the museums are located in the capital- Reykjavik, but the other regions have a fair share of these art galleries and history depositories. Read on to learn about the 10 most visiting museums of Iceland.

1. National Museum of Iceland

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandEstablished in 1863, the National Museum of Iceland showcases over 2000 artifacts and attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. It is located in Reykjavik (ƥjo minjasafn Islands), next to the University of Iceland and its offerings are contained in a large, 3-storey building. Some of the things it displays include: art & crafts, tools & furniture, archeological remains and religious artifacts. The most striking feature of the museum is a bronze statue rumored to be of Thor or Christ.

2. Settlement Exhibition

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandThe Settlement Exhibition is quite different from other Icelandic museums. It uses a state-of-the-art multimedia to exhibit its vast collection of artifacts. It has been the best place to learn about the Viking age and the country’s early human settlement. The depository is found in downtown Reykjavik and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year.

3. Icelandic Phallological Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandAlso known as the Penis Museum, the Icelandic Phallological Museum displays penises of almost all land and sea mammals. It has been a museum of choice for both tourists and research scientists. It is located in Redursafnio, Reykjavik and gets thousands of visitors annually.

4. Arbær Open Air Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in Arbæjarsafn, Reykjavik, Arbær Museum is a recreated Icelandic village consisting of a farm and 20 buildings. It provides a detailed history of Icelanders before and after industrialization. Since its refurbishment in the mid 1900, the museum has been receiving a good amount of visitors.

5. National Center for Culture Heritage

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandPopularly known as the Culture House, this museum teaches visitors the traditional and modern culture of Icelanders. It showcases old manuscripts and other important literature materials. It has several reading rooms, a concert & conference hall and a coffee shop. It was opened in 1909 and gets hundreds of visitors daily.

6. Vikin Maritime Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in the Reykjavik Harbour, Safni  vi  sj inn, the Vikin Maritime Museum tells the story of the country’s maritime history and the Reykjavik Harbour. It showcases rowing boats, traditional sea vessels, modern trawlers and trading routes. It attracts a fair share of the country’s tourists.

7. Einar Jonsson Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandThe Reykjavik-based museum features the amazing work of Einar Jonsson who was a revered sculptor. The work is spiced up with classical traditional and mythology folklore. It includes some emotional & spiritual resonance and forms of virtuosic command of human & beasts. It gets at least a hundred visitors every day.

8. Harbor House Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLike Einar Jonsson Museum, the Harbor House Museum features the work of a prominent Icelandic artist. The art museum includes a warehouse that showcases the work of the artist which is mainly cartoon-styled montages. Concerning the number of visitors, the museum gets thousands of people annually.

9. Skogar Folk Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandLocated in Skogasafn, the Skogar Folk Museum is the best depository for folk enthusiasts. It has an enormous collection of artifacts, ranging from fishing boats and carved headboards to traditional music instruments and makeshift mousetraps. It is visited by thousands of folk lovers annually.

10. Husavik Museum

Most Visiting Museums of IcelandAs the name suggests, this folk museum is located in Husavik. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the region and displays a fascinating range of artifacts, from human hair necklaces and stuffed polar bear. Thousands of visitors flock the museum to get a glimpse of the artifacts.

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the World

When planning a grand vacation or a romantic honeymoon, consider exploring the joys of the ocean by joining a cruise. There are numerous options to evaluate and compare before selecting the best option, but it is important not to skimp on the potential premium features. Therefore, think about getting on one of these top 6 most luxurious cruises in the world for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Crystal Cruises

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the WorldThe popularity of Crystal Cruises in the high-end holiday market is undisputed. In fact, the ship Crystal Serenity is considered to be the best cruise vessel in the entire globe. The Crystal Symphony is also a delightful ship that provides premium luxury to guests. Both of these ships provide all inclusive packages to enhance convenience, and the package includes airfare, dining, complimentary beverages and other gratuities. Guests will enjoy elite suites, specialty perks like fitness sessions and enrichment classes.

Paul Gauguin

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the WorldMost of the top cruise ships in the world are large and therefore, there are limitations in their navigation. If you are interested in visiting smaller ports during your holiday cruise, the M/S Paul Gauguin is the perfect choice for you. This vessel is more compact, so it can sail easily through the smaller ports in French Polynesia and the Tahiti. The suites and the staterooms provided to guests aboard the ship are elite, with most having a private balcony.

SeaDream Yacht Club

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the WorldThe SeaDream Yacht Club redefines luxury by providing the most exclusive leisure to all the guests aboard. The vessels are designed to accommodate a maximum of one hundred and twelve guests. The on-board staff consists of ninety-five individuals who dedicate their time to ensuring that the needs of the guests are met. The all-inclusive package for this Yacht Club is exceptional, encompassing an open bar, yoga and tai chi classes, casino access and full of use of water sports vessels.

Regent Cruises

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the WorldThe Regent Seven Seas Cruises provides multiple options with regard to ships, so you can select the most ideal. The Navigator is the smallest ship from the cruise line, and it accommodates about 490 guests in beautiful all-suite rooms. Each has an ocean view, exquisite marble bathroom and spacious sitting space. The Voyager and the Mariner are designed for 700 guests but are no less luxurious, with their exceptional all-suite accommodations.

Silversea Cruises

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the WorldSilversea Cruises provide the best personalized packages to suit the preferences of the guests. In simple terms, the cruise line offers all-inclusive packages and they can be tailored to accommodate the specific need of the individual. If you choose this cruise, you can request for inclusion of things like pre-cruise lodging, airfare and portage. On board a Silversea ship, guest will enjoy concierge services, personal butlers and exclusive activities.

Seabourn Cruises

Top 6 Most Luxurious Cruises In the World

Seabourn Cruises have multiple vessels, including the Sojourn and Legend. These ships are fitted with all-suite cabins, and the package includes gourmet meals, on-board enrichment classes and complimentary drinks. Like the Paul Gauguin line, the Seabourn has smaller ships which can navigate exotic but space-limited locales. With this cruise option, you can visit exotic places like Chile, Phuket and Argentina.